Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Home Inspection


A home inspection involves examining of the physical structure and systems of property giving a detailed snapshot of the condition of the home at the time when the inspection is being done. The purpose of the home inspection is to assist in reducing some of the risks involved in purchasing a home. The inspection covers any health and safety issues in addition to the areas requiring repair or replacement. Here is how you can derive the best from your home inspection.

Show Up
It is important for you to attend the inspection and come ready to ask questions and point out certain problems that you would wish to check out further. It will be the first time for the home inspector at the property, so your knowledge of potential issues is invaluable.

Make Use of a Trustworthy Person
Take time and do your homework on finding your own home inspector likeĀ Oklahoma City home inspection and give yourself a peace of mind. While your real estate agent has a few inspectors that he can recommend, you should find your own. An impartial third-party home inspector will not have any loyalty to your realtor and will be able to speak freely and frankly about potential issues. You might have to pay a little more for a good home inspector, but compared to the purchase price of a home, it is worth the investment.

Take Pictures for Proof
A good home inspector will bring along a camera on the inspection. The inspector will also head to the places that you wouldn’t want to go like the roof, attics, under decks and the crawl space. Ask the inspector to take pictures of any potential issues that arise so you can see it for yourself and make sure that you fully understand the problem.

Don’t be Afraid of Asking Questions
Your reason for hiring a home inspector is because he has the necessary knowledge to evaluate whether or not it’s a wise decision to buy the property. The home inspector’s time and knowledge should be respected but should you not understand anything he says, or something doesn’t look right, speak up. It is better if you raise your concerns now than have an issue come up after you have already bought the property.

Beware of Cosmetic Fixes
Walls that is freshly painted, and new floor are signs that the homeowner cares about the home they are selling. These things could sometimes be a cover-up for underlying problems. Pay close attention to any suspicious fixes like only a part of the wall patched or only a part of the wall being freshly painted.

Try the Plumbing System
Low water pressure or a slow drain could be a sign of larger plumbing issue. Make sure that the baths and shower pans are tested for leaks. CheckĀ Oklahoma City painting now to learn more about these such services.


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